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, to sell the benefits of obama care to the american public. but what's the new message today? >> reporter: well, you know, talking about medicaid specifically in the state of north carolina, there are some states where you have seen there have been roadblocks to actually get it going. they say inside the white house that once you get it expanded, it's going to mean a lot more people being covered. but republicans are saying it's not just a cost issue. it's the question of when you look at these enrollment numbers, is it because people are actually signing up and paying into the system, or is it folks just getting medicaid? is that beefing up the numbers and sort of distorting the picture? gretchen? >> all right. ed henry live for us at the white house. thanks so much. >> good to see you. >>> more trouble for obama care now with the word the federal health exchange is now determining that some people with salaries as high as $80,000 a year, $80,000, are eligible for medicaid when clearly they are not. here's why that's a problem. it leaves them with little chance to get the subdy dized ins
is going to find you, too, with those fines. might make a few americans a little fearful today. chris stirewalt. thanks so much. have a great week. >>> the obama administration says its health care website should now work for the vast majority, there's that word again, of americans. there are still plenty of errors being reported. like peter dfound out. what did you find out? >> a lot more problems to than on amazon, gretchen. all morning long is having major issues. they appear to be the result of high volume. the administration said this week, as you know, 50,000 users are supposed to be able to simultaneously shop at mo most of my attempts to log in or apply for coverage today have been met with this notice. there are too many visitors at the website. there is an option to enter an e-mail for a follow up about better times to come back. i first entered my e-mail 11:40 this morning, about 2 1/2 hours ago. still waiting for that note back. take a look at this. just complete gibberish. on the first screen that an interested consumer would
the affordable care act work for the american people. >> a lot of folks fired up about the botched roll out of obama care but so far no one has been fired. these are just a few of the headlines. and growing speculations of a white house shake up. great to see you andy. what does the president have to do? >> i think he should take a look at his entire team. it is the chief of staff's job to remind the president to pay attention to changes that may have to be made because the president has to change a base of a problem. you want to change that base so you don't have identification with a problem. i kept a hit by the bus list for the president in case he had to make the change. >> interesting. >> i suspect that the chief of staff has that job right now. >> you called it a hit by the bus list. >> i wonder what he has in store for kathleen sebelius. >> remember that most of these people serve at the pleasure of the president. >> i think he should want to make a change if only to demonstrate with the american people public and it is going to be different. sometimes it is to change the faces of th
that to the bank. >> do you not think obama care is unpopular? >> i think it is more and more popular and what conservatives are afraid of. once people get ahold of it. the majority of americans want to scale it back or repeal it today. >> i'm hoping that it gets better and it limps along and look at the latest poll about young people. >> all right but you have to defend it. >> i dent have to defend it i happen to believe ip it. >> what a scandal. >> but it is independenting. >> telling the truth? >> people are wondering whether he knew him the white house said he never met him and then it turns out that he actually lived with him. >> it does speak to telling the truth. it is untimely. > white house was originally asked, they researched it. they never asked the president. >> if you had a story out there that you knew or you didn't and you saw that it was in accurately being portrayed? >> his defense on this is plausible deniablity. once again it speaks to character again. and it makes me wonder about other political hot potatoes. >> why would he not admit that he knew him? >> he was never aske
. thank you so much. we want to hear from you. send us your thoughts on obama's economic speech. weigh in and we will read your comments at the end of the show. >>> former president bill clinton saying that when he urged the president to keep his promise to millions of americans, that he was trying to help. >> i don't think you can find anybody in america you has worked harder for his re-election or went out of his way to explain the bill to more people than i did. >> great to see you governor. >> thank you nice to be with you. what do you make of the former president? you worked for him. you know him well. he got president obama to make a move and come forward and make an apology and now he is saying he is trying to help. i fall on what president clinton said. he was trying to be helpful. he campaigned for the health care act and been at president obama's side. i think those rocks were miss interpreted. the truth is that president obama has said that if you are able to keep your health care plan you can do it. i think he is trying to fix that. i don't think that president clinton was
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5